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Sometimes life caves in on us and the music seems to fade. We forget how miraculous the power of music can truly be. Random Acts Of Songs and our School Of Visual and Audio Design (SOVAD) is a not-for-profit partnership that inspires, nurtures and pays it forward through music by offering art & design classes, music performances and creative educational services in and around the New York City area to those who need it most.

Joshua Mark Lutz is an ardent 37 year old conservatory graduated multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years experience in the music and visual art education teaching children, teens and seniors. His musical credits include Joss Stone, Lil' Wayne, Al Green and he himself is a full time artist in NYC with a BMI affiliated publishing company. He also has an extensive background in marketing, branding, graphic design and sales (Check out his for-profit endeavors at Creativity NY). After eight years as Program Director for the largest not for profit senior community in NYC, he left his position to pursue music full time and launch the RAS Project as a way to give back and pay it forward. Having worked in orphanages and government juvenile jails across the five burroughs for over a decade, he decided to found Random Acts Of Songs to fill the ever growing need for volunteer music programs where New Yorkers need it most. Our logo uses two specific colors for very specific reasons. The blue represents hope, healing and creativity and our deep green denotes uplifting of the human spirit. 
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The Future

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Humble Beginnings

The story of Random Acts Of Songs


One of our recent Intergenerational free programs hosted by RAS Founder, Joshua M. Lutz

Random Acts Of Songs is a not-for-profit organization founded on faith, love and hope using music as a primary conduit to bring joy to children, teens and seniors. RAS volunteers provide free live music performances to bring these values to the most desperate New Yorkers in need of song, cheer and encouragement. RAS was founded by Joshua Mark Lutz in 2015 in Queens, NY.  2017 marks the conception of SOVAD (The School of Visual and Audio Design) which is currently seeking a home base. We need YOUR help!

Our goal for 2017 includes the purchase of a large creative space to build out a full fledged educational recording studio to teach underprivileged youth the signal flow principles of sound and audio engineering (recording music and commercial media) as well as many other digitial media career options in a professional environment. We will see this dream finally come to fruition through SOVAD, a unique vision of music education.

Click HERE to read more about our child and teen music mentorship program proposal called "SOVAD."

Other plans of expansion include volunteer development beyond the five burroughs of New York City and a New Jersey outreach program through the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and private sector group homes in the NJ area.  All of this will remain impossible without the financial support so if this sounds like a program you would like to get behind, please reach out to us directly.

Our end goal is to bring as many smiles to as many faces we can utilizing out God-given talents in music and art. It has been an incredible ride we are realizing has now just begun.  We have experienced a profound gratitude for the opportunity to serve and bring happiness to the down and out we've served thus far and we can't wait to take Random Acts Of Songs to the next level with your help!

Thank you for taking the time to research our little organization and hey, if you have an idea you'd like to share with us, we would love to hear it. Keep on rockin' and don't ever give up on human kind. What you think about you will certainly bring about so we encourage our friends and families across the globe to only dwell on these types of positive endeavors and don't ever let the sadness around you quiet your song.  Together, we are a mighty powerful choir.

We have also partnered with all around multi-instrumentalist and educational guru Joe Babiak (click to view his recent blogs) to provide corporate events with the most powerful inspirational presentation your company could hire for your companies lecture series. He proposes the idea that we all have the ability to learn and grow on massive scales instantly. A quick example of this is the beginning of the presentation where brings a random member of the audience on stage and reveals a drum set. He teaches the member to play drums in under 120 seconds. We all realize that not only do we have the courage to get on stage, learn something they say, "I can't do that" and in seconds they are playing a drum beat and they didn't even know they have the ability to instantly harnese abilities they didn't believe they can do. Believe, not know. But believe.  Yes, think different, but think for yourself. That's what we need.  Instilling courage is our mission.

God Bless you and your family throughout the year ahead.

Thank you,

Joshua Mark Lutz Sr.