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The School of Visual and Audio Design

Caption: Joshua Lutz leading graphic design class with incarcerated youth at a Department Of Juvenille Justice facility in NY.

SOVAAD came about through the frustrations our founder, Joshua M. Lutz had in his own personal experience with the arts and standardized education system in America. After years of graphic design education in Chicago he became a sought after commercial "street artist" and found himself making a living in graffiti and similar creative illustration designing ads for magazines and album covers for top charting billboard artists such as Joss Stone, Aretha Franklin and Common. He continued on to Arizona where he obtained a degree from the Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences in Audio production and music business and began working in some of the worlds most famous studios such as Saltmine, Electric Lady and Looking Glass, working with artists such as Lil' Wayne, Maroon 5, Guns N' Roses and more. He then combined these two passions with over 25 years of art and music education working with children and seniors, along with program directorial experience and began mentoring youth groups in DJJ facilities, YMCA's, Park Districts and boys homes across the nation.

The next goal is to build an all-encompassing facility that teaches everything from A to Z regarding the creative field of music production and art design; how an artist learns to write songs, record and promote oneself. How he or she works with a management team creating a "brand" both audibly and visually, exhibits creative expression AND self-discipline to achieve success as an artist and become a mentor themselves one day! The idea is to teach everything from music theory to managing a career in the creative industry all while giving back to their own community and living a creative life that speaks on love and compassion, not on selfish needs and desires. Too much of our youths music imposes horribly negative ideals on our beautiful children and no one is teaching our up and coming artists just how important the responsibility of being an artist is! SOVAAD exists to do just that. If you water and maintain a budding oak seed, it can manifest itself into a massive life on earth with roots so strong, no man can tear it from the ground. But without strong roots and conviction, the man who stands for nothing falls for anything.  SOVAAD is here to do nothing less than to save the future of humanity through the conduit of art and music education with an emphasis on social and personal responsibility.  This facility will stand as a beacon of hope and compassion to young aspiring artists, audio engineers, producers and audio industry personnel.

SOVAAD Stands for The School of Visual and Audio Design

      These days, every child dreams of being a rock star, rap artist or famous personality. Unfortunately, there is little in guiding them into a realistic job position into audio production or graphic design which happens to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Many of these lost children are romanced by the illusion of glamour, offering only more broken dreams to an all too often, already broken youth.

       Then SOVAAD comes along and steers that passion into explosive success, confidence and hope!  Encouraging them and nurturing them.  A career in audio or design is a realistic, feasible, lucrative and fun one!

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Having spent over 25 years in not for profit volunteerism and program directing, I have seen people with good intentions do a whole lot of "not much." We need warriors of love. We need soldiers of hope and we need a home base for volunteers who are absolutely on fire with change and a passion to fix this broken world with music. Music can do it. Education and discipline breeds self-confidence and a vision of ones own future. Hold a child to a high expectation and he will meet you to it. Having worked in dozens of boys homes and DJJ facilities, the adage seems to be more along the lines of, "put a human in a cage and treat him like an animal, and they will BE that animal." We need less detention centers and more exciting education centers! Why NOT build a unique, surprisingly exciting funhouse for these lost teens and children in need? Doesn't the heart of a child respond BEST to wild creativity and unbridled passion? Why NOT build a music "warehouse" with a child's heart in mind? We engage the child or teen on his or her level, all the while encouraging them and cheering them on using today's most cutting edge technologies. We add unique reward systems with access to recording equipment, top tier music producer mentorships and computer lab classrooms with the very best software that today's industry demands. This program is the distilled culmination of one man's observations of endless boards I've served on, think tanks I've participated in, group homes I've worked in, half way houses and detention centers I've managed, conversations with frustrated city leaders, elected officials, partnerships and so much more. I've been passionately working for this moment for almost thirty years and know exactly what we're going to do once we seize it. We're going to teach every wide-eyed child we can how to express themselves with creativity and correct mindset and then how to pass it on to the next person in need, fufilling the "each one teach one" attitude which SOVAAD embodies. 

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SOVAAD exists to bring an entirely new brand of creative education to children, all of which desperately need a voice and an outlet to express themselves fully, flesh out their positive and negative feelings of the word and explore who they truly are and can be. SOVAAD schools are a real conduit to self-confidence, security, expression and self awareness.

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